The East Paddock Project: a campaign for green space on the West Cambridge Site.

In May 2015 the University of Cambridge published proposals to densify the West Cambridge Site (lying south of Madingley Road). These involved building over the East Paddock - the last remaining large green space on the West Cambridge Site.

This website describes the campaign which was launched in June 2015 to preserve the East Paddock as public green space. For an explanation of the campaign, please click the blue The Campaign button to the left.

It became apparent during the course of the campaign that the University had compelling reasons to build the new Cavendish Laboratory over a large part of the East Paddock. Our campaign then argued that substantial compensating green space should be provided immediately to the west of the East Paddock, on land currently occupied by the Veterinary School. The Vet School site is due to be re-developed in ten to fifteen years.

In June 2016 the University submitted a revised version of its West Cambridge master plan for planning approval. The revised version, shown below, includes a substantial green space immediately to the west of the East Paddock, as the second phase of our campaign had proposed.

The enlarged green space is the large area shown above in the upper centre of the West Cambridge Site. It forms part of an east-west green link and cycleway through the site.




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